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Li, X.; Tian, S. J.; Ping, Y.; Kim, D. H.; Knoll, W.: One-step route to the fabrication of highly porous polyaniline nanofiber films by using PS-b-PVP diblock copolymers as templates. Langmuir 21 (21), S. 9393 - 9397 (2005)
Raschke, M. B.; Molina, L.; Elsaesser, T.; Kim, D. H.; Knoll, W.; Hinrichs, K.: Apertureless near-field vibrational imaging of block-copolymer nanostructures with ultrahigh spatial resolution. ChemPhysChem 6 (10), S. 2197 - 2203 (2005)
Sun, Z.; Wolkenhauer, M.; Bumbu, G. G.; Kim, D. H.; Gutmann, J. S.: GISAXS investigation of TiO2 nanoparticles in PS-b-PEO block-copolymer films. Physica B-Condensed Matter 357 (1-2), S. 141 - 143 (2005)

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Knoll, W.; Cameron, P.; Caminade, A. M.; Feng, C. L.; Kim, D. H.; Kreiter, M.; Majoral, J. P.; Müllen, K.; Rochholz, H.; Shumaker-Parry, J. et al.; Steinhart, M.; Zhong, X. H.: Nanoscopic building blocks from polymers, metals, and semiconductors. In: Nanomaterials Synthesis, Interfacing, and Integrating in Devices, Circuits, and Systems II, S. T7680 - T7680 (Hg. Dhar, N. K.). SPIE, Bellingham (2007)
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