Publikationen von V. Erb

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Wieringa, R. H.; Siesling, E. A.; Geurts, P. F. M.; Werkman, P. J.; Vorenkamp, E. J.; Erb, V.; Stamm, M.; Schouten, A. J.: Surface Grafting of Poly(L-glutamates). 1. Synthesis and Characterization. Langmuir 17, S. 6477 - 6484 (2001)
Heise, A.; Menzel, H.; Yim, H.; Foster, M. D.; Wieringa, R. H.; Schouten, A. J.; Erb, V.; Stamm, M.: Grafting of polypeptides on solid substrates by initiation of N-carboxyanhydride polymerization by amino-terminated self-assembled monolayers. Langmuir 13 (4), S. 723 - 728 (1997)
Siqueira, D. F.; Schubert, D. W.; Erb, V.; Stamm, M.; Amato, J. P.: INTERFACE THICKNESS OF THE INCOMPATIBLE POLYMER SYSTEM PS/PNBMA AS MEASURED BY NEUTRON REFLECTOMETRY AND ELLIPSOMETRY. Colloid and Polymer Science 273 (11), S. 1041 - 1048 (1995)
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