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Hüppe, N.; Schunke, J.; Fichter, M.; Mailaender, V.; Wurm, F.; Wurm, F.; Landfester, K.: Multicomponent encapsulation into fully degradable protein nanocarriers via interfacial azide-alkyne click reaction in miniemulsion allows the co-delivery of immunotherapeutics. Nanoscale Horizons (2022)
Simon, J.; Fichter, M.; Kuhn, G.; Brückner, M.; Kappel, C.; Schunke, J.; Klaus, T.; Grabbe, S.; Landfester, K.; Mailänder, V.: Achieving dendritic cell subset-specific targeting in vivo by site-directed conjugation of targeting antibodies to nanocarriers. Nano Today 43, 101375 (2022)
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