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Köhler, W.; Novak, K.; Enkelmann, V.: A HOLOGRAPHIC GRATING STUDY ON A CRYSTAL-TO-CRYSTAL PHOTODIMERIZATION AND THERMAL BACKREACTION. The Journal of Chemical Physics 101 (12), S. 10474 - 10480 (1994)
Enkelmann, V.; Wegner, G.; Novak, K.; Wagener, K. B.: SINGLE-CRYSTAL-TO-SINGLE-CRYSTAL PHOTODIMERIZATION OF CINNAMIC ACID. Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (22), S. 10390 - 10391 (1993)
Novak, K.; Enkelmann, V.; Wegner, G.; Wagener, K. B.: CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC STUDY OF A SINGLE-CRYSTAL TO SINGLE-CRYSTAL PHOTODIMERIZATION AND ITS THERMAL REVERSE REACTION. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 32 (11), S. 1614 - 1616 (1993)

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Meeting Abstract
Enkelmann, V.; Wegner, G.; Novak, K.; Wagener, K. B.: CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC STUDIES ON A SINGLE CRYSTAL-TO-SINGLE CRYSTAL PHOTODIMERIZATION AND THERMAL BACK-REACTION. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 206, S. 115-POLY - 115-POLY. (1993)
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