1. MPGS Thesis committee

Each student will be supervised by his/her supervisor(s) and the thesis committee.

2. Supervision agreement

Every student must sign a supervision agreement together with the supervisor within the first 6 months after start of the PhD. This agreement will define the topic of the thesis and determine the participation of lectures and seminars, and the lab training.

3. Reports, meetings and self-assessment

Annual regular report and meeting with the supervisors is required, a first after six months and then yearly. The basis for this meeting is a self-assessment by the student, documenting progress, plans and required facilities.

4. Seminars/Lectures/Presentations

Every student should participate in group seminars and present her/his results. The student should at least participate (with poster or talk) in conferences within the PhD study and results should be published in regular journals. The best research results and publications will be highlighted at the website (group or institute website).

To ensure the transfer of institute knowledge students should attend institute-wide scientific events, such as the highlight seminars and the annual poster day.

The MPI-P can introduce a mandatory set of lectures for all PhD students.

5. Complementary skills

Besides the scientific training, the MPGS-MPI-P will organize special soft skill seminars. Language courses in German and English are available at the MPI-P.

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