The MPI-P library is an institutional library and open for employees of the institute 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Visitors can be given access to the library only during the service hours.

The library is a specialised scientific library in the field of polymer research with a focus on physics, chemistry, macromolecules, material sciences and life sciences. The stock of about 10,000 scientific monographs is enlarged by the institute's own university publications and an extensive stock of electronic monographs, scientific journals and databases centrally licensed for the whole Max Planck Society.



Online-catalog - lists about 10,000 books available in our library

MPG.ebooks - lists about 650,000 centrally licensed e-books from publishers like Springer, Wiley, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and many more

MPG.PuRe - records publications of Max Planck scientists in general, mainly journal articles but also PhD and diploma theses, book chapters, conference papers, etc., often with the full text

WoS - database for scientific publications licensed for Max Planck researchers

Press in MPG.ReNa - FAZ, New York Times and other centrally licensed newspapers, magazines and journalistic content are listed in MPG.ReNa.

MPG.ReNa - lists and describes more than 400 accessible information resources like databases, digital collections, reference works and journal collections


Remote Access

For Max Planck Scientists remote access to our licensed resources is provided via the EZproxy service MPDL Travel Magic



On our  Intranet-Homepage in MAX, the Max Planck Intranet, you find detailed information about

  • Searching for information and literature
  • Managing of Data or information
  • Publishing
  • our local services

See what´s there in this video (1:32)

To access the intranet / MaxNet you need to login as a Max Planck employee with your Max Planck e-mail address or your personnel number.




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