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Grand Prix 2022 de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie
We congratulate our former director, Professor Klaus Müllen. He has received, together with Professor Makoto Fujita, the "Grand Prix 2022 de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie" for his significant work at the frontier between chemistry and materials science. Specifically, he was awarded the prize for his work on graphene structures, combining organic electronics and carbon-based nanomaterials. The prize will be handed over in Paris on February 8 and comes with 50,000 euros and a bronze medal.

ESCApe-project on television
How can vines be protected from the disease "Esca"? ZDF has now reported on the project around Frederik Wurm (Department  Landfester) in the midday magazine. The report can be viewed in the ZDF Mediathek.


Reversible Electrical Control of Interfacial Charge Flow across van der Waals Interfaces
Confining the Sol-Gel Reaction at the Water/Oil Interface: Creating Compartmentalized Enzymatic Nano-Organelles for Artificial Cells
Nature of Cations Critically Affects Water at the Negatively Charged Silica Interface
An artificial remote tactile device with 3D depth-of-field sensation
Grain engineering for improved charge carrier transport in two-dimensional lead-free perovskite field-effect transistors
Transient Lymph Node Immune Activation by Hydrolysable Polycarbonate Nanogels

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