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Canovas, E.; Moll, P.; Jensen, S. A.; Gao, Y. A.; Houtepen, A. J.; Siebbeles, L. D. A.; Kinge, S.; Bonn, M.: Size-Dependent Electron Transfer from PbSe Quantum Dots to SnO(2) Monitored by Picosecond Terahertz Spectroscopy. Nano Letters 11 (12), S. 5234 - 5239 (2011)
Hsieh, C. S.; Campen, R. K.; Verde, A. C. V.; Bolhuis, P.; Nienhuys, H. K.; Bonn, M.: Ultrafast Reorientation of Dangling OH Groups at the Air-Water Interface Using Femtosecond Vibrational Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters 107 (11), 116102 (2011)
Nihonyanagi, S.; Ishiyama, T.; Lee, T.; Yamaguchi, S.; Bonn, M.; Morita, A.; Tahara, T.: Unified Molecular View of the Air/Water Interface Based on Experimental and Theoretical chi((2)) Spectra of an Isotopically Diluted Water Surface. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (42), S. 16875 - 16880 (2011)
Pool, R. E.; Versluis, J.; Backus, E. H. G.; Bonn, M.: Comparative Study of Direct and Phase-Specific Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy: Advantages and Limitations. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (51), S. 15362 - 15369 (2011)
Ulbricht, R.; van der Post, S. T.; Goss, J. P.; Briddon, P. R.; Jones, R.; Khan, R. U. A.; Bonn, M.: Single substitutional nitrogen defects revealed as electron acceptor states in diamond using ultrafast spectroscopy. Physical Review B 84 (16), 165202 (2011)
vandenAkker, C. C.; Engel, M. F. M.; Veikov, K. P.; Bonn, M.; Koenderink, G. H.: Morphology and Persistence Length of Amyloid Fibrils Are Correlated to Peptide Molecular Structure. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (45), S. 18030 - 18033 (2011)
Zhang, Z.; Piatkowski, L.; Bakker, H. J.; Bonn, M.: Ultrafast vibrational energy transfer at the water/air interface revealed by two-dimensional surface vibrational spectroscopy. Nature Chemistry 3 (11), S. 888 - 893 (2011)
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