Sarah Chagri

Department of Synthesis of Macromolecules
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
+49 6131 379-154

Main Focus

Synthesis of Peptide-Based Self-Assembling Systems

Curriculum Vitae

Sarah studied Biomedical Chemistry at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany), receiving her master’s degree in 2019. She did her bachelor thesis in the research group of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ute Hellmich (Mainz) in 2016, focusing on membrane biochemistry and heterologous protein expression, and spent a semester abroad at the University of Toronto in 2016/17. There, Sarah joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Molly Shoichet and worked on the synthesis of hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels for 3D cell culture. In 2018 she began her master thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil, synthesizing amphiphilic polyphenylene dendrimers for bioapplication. After a voluntary service abroad, Sarah rejoined the Weil group in mid-2020 for her PhD and is now working on the synthesis of peptide-based self-assembling molecules.

Selected Publication

Chagri, S.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Designing bioresponsive nanomaterials for intracellular self-assembly. Nature Reviews Chemistry 6, pp. 320 - 338 (2022)

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