Jeena Thekkeyil

Department of Synthesis of Macromolecules
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
+49 6131 379-507

Curriculum Vitae

Main focus of research: Intracellular self-assembly peptide amphiphilic to control the cellular functions


Jeena received her PhD from UNIST, Republic of Korea under the supervision of Prof. Ja-Hyoung Ryu. Her PhD research was focused on creating self-assembled nanostructures of amphiphilic peptides inside the mitochondria of the cancer cells that came up as a powerful cancer therapeutic strategy. After the completion of PhD, Jeena joined at Dr. Jianghong Rao lab (2021) at Stanford University. There she worked on the synthesis of luciferin based bioluminescence probe for PSMA imaging. Jeena received Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship 2022-2024, and joined at Tanja Weil group as a Humboldt postdoctoral researcher. At Weil group, her research is focused on creating minimal protein model inside the cell via intracellular self-assembly approach.     

Selected Publications

Jeena, M. T., Jin, S., Jeong, K., Cho, Y., Kim, J. C., Lee, J. H., Lee, S., Hwang, S.-W., Kwak, S. K., Kim, S., Ryu, J, -H. Cancer-Selective Supramolecular chemotherapy by disassembly-assembly approach. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2022, 32, 2208098. 

Jeena, M. T.; Palanikumar, L., Go, E. M., Kim, I., Kang, M. G., Lee, S., Park, S., Choi, H., Kim, C.; Jin, S.-M., Bae, S. C., Rhee, H.-W., Lee, E., Kwak, S. K., Ryu, J.-H. Mitochondria localization induced self-assembly of peptide amphiphiles for cellular dysfunction. Nat. Commun. 2017, 8, 26. 

Jeena, M. T., Jeong, K., Go, E. M., Cho, Y., Lee, S., Jin, S., Hwang, S.-H., Jang, J. H., Kang, C. S., Bang, W.-Y., Lee, E., Kwak, S. K., Kim, S., Kim, S., Ryu, J, -H. Heterochiral Assembly of Amphiphilic Peptides Inside the Mitochondria for Supramolecular Cancer Therapeutics. ACS Nano, 2019, 10, 11022-11033. 

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