Central Research Topics

The six departments of Prof. Paul Blom, Prof. Mischa Bonn, Prof. Hans-Jürgen Butt, Prof. Kurt Kremer, Prof. Katharina Landfester and Prof. Tanja Weil conduct research in joint and interdisciplinary projects. Based on the research of the departments, six thematic areas were identified in which the close cooperation is particularly evident. These are in detail:

Modern technologies in the 21st century pose new challenges for research and development, not at least with regard to efficiency, sustainability, and climate neutrality. For this, existing technologies have to be re-thought or new scientific effects have to be made that are applicable for the market. [more]
Solving global challenges such as climate change, plastic waste pollution and the exploding world population requires innovative technologies, processes, and materials concepts. At our institute sustainability-related research is an increasing focus. The results of our research should yield new methods for the environmentally friendly production of sustainable materials and more efficient catalysts and organic light-emitting diodes, for example, as well as more effective ways of combatting climate-related challenges such as pest infestation in agriculture. [more]
Polymers have a wide range of applications in medicine, including sterilizable packaging, disposable gloves, drug capsules and transporters of active ingredients, such as mRNA vaccines packaged in nanoparticles. At our institute, we design polymeric materials that can be used to overcome various medical challenges. [more]
Since founding of the institute more than 35 years ago, the application of macromolecular materials has changed and expanded dramatically. [more]
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