New synthesis methods for the production of functional polymers and materials

  • Polymer synthesis in water using biocatalysts or electropolymerization (D. Ng, C. Synatschke)
  • Polymerization reactions in cellular environment (D. Ng, C. Synatschke)
  • Synthesis of supramolecular polymers and polymer materials with adaptive and dynamic structural properties (D. Ng, C. Synatschke)
  • Production of precision polymers and defined 2D and 3D nanostructures (D. Ng, C. Synatschke, S.L. Kuan)
  • Synthesis of defined three-dimensional carbon nanostructures e.g. under high-pressure high-temperature conditions (D. Ng, M. Wagner, A. Ermakova)

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Dr. Seah-Ling Kuan
We develop new chemical methodologies and prepare new protein therapeutics to address deadly diseases such as cancer and viral infections.
Dr. Christopher Synatschke
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