Publications of B. El Hamaoui

Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Zhi, L. J.; Hu, Y. S.; El Hamaoui, B.; Wang, X.; Lieberwirth, I.; Kolb, U.; Maier, J.; Müllen, K.: Precursor-controlled formation of novel carbon/metal and carbon/metal oxide nanocomposites. Advanced Materials 20 (9), pp. 1727 - 1731 (2008)
Journal Article
El Hamaoui, B.; Zhi, L. J.; Pisula, W.; Kolb, U.; Wu, J. S.; Müllen, K.: Self-assembly of amphiphilic imidazolium-based hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes into fibreous aggregates. Chemical Communications (23), pp. 2384 - 2386 (2007)
Journal Article
El Hamaoui, B.; Zhi, L.; Wu, J.; Li, J.; Lucas, N. T.; Tomovic, Z.; Kolb, U.; Müllen, K.: Solid-state pyrolysis of polyphenylene-metal complexes: A facile approach toward carbon nanoparticles. Advanced Functional Materials 17 (7), pp. 1179 - 1187 (2007)
Journal Article
Pisula, W.; Kastler, M.; El Hamaoui, B.; Garcia-Gutierrez, M. C.; Davies, R. J.; Riekel, C.; Müllen, K.: Dendritic morphology in homeotropically aligned discotic films. ChemPhysChem 8 (7), pp. 1025 - 1028 (2007)
Journal Article
El Hamaoui, B.; Laquai, F.; Baluschev, S.; Wu, J. S.; Müllen, K.: A phosphorescent hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene platinum complex and its time-resolved spectroscopy. Synthetic Metals 156 (18-20), pp. 1182 - 1186 (2006)
Journal Article
El Hamaoui, B.; Zhi, L. J.; Wu, J. S.; Kolb, U.; Müllen, K.: Uniform carbon and carbon/cobalt nanostructures by solid-state thermolysis of polyphenylene dendrimer/cobalt complexes. Advanced Materials 17 (24), pp. 2957 - 2960 (2005)
Journal Article
Pisula, W.; Tomovic, Z.; El Hamaoui, B.; Watson, M. D.; Pakula, T.; Müllen, K.: Control of the homeotropic order of discotic hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes. Advanced Functional Materials 15 (6), pp. 893 - 904 (2005)
Journal Article
Wu, J. S.; El Hamaoui, B.; Li, J. X.; Zhi, L. J.; Kolb, U.; Müllen, K.: Solid-state synthesis of "bamboo-like" and straight carbon nanotubes by thermolysis of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene-cobalt complexes. Small 1 (2), pp. 210 - 212 (2005)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Hamaoui, B. E.: Synthesis and characterization of new Discotic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and related pyrolytic nanostructures. Dissertation, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz (2007)
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