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Percec, V.; Glodde, M.; Peterca, M.; Rapp, A.; Schnell, I.; Spiess, H. W.; Bera, T. K.; Miura, Y.; Balagurusamy, V. S. K.; Aqad, E. et al.; Heiney, P. A.: Self-assembly of semifluorinated dendrons attached to electron-donor groups mediates their pi-stacking via a helical pyramidal column. Chemistry – A European Journal 12 (24), S. 6298 - 6314 (2006)
Höger, S.; Cheng, X. H.; Ramminger, A. D.; Enkelmann, V.; Rapp, A.; Mondeshki, M.; Schnell, I.: Discotic liquid crystals with an inverted structure. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 44 (18), S. 2801 - 2805 (2005)
Fischer, M.; Lieser, G.; Rapp, A.; Schnell, I.; Mamdouh, W.; De Feyter, S.; De Schryver, F. C.; Höger, S.: Shape-persistent macrocycles with intraannular polar groups: Synthesis, liquid crystallinity, and 2D organization. Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (1), S. 214 - 222 (2004)
Rapp, A.; Schnell, I.; Sebastiani, D.; Brown, S. P.; Percec, V.; Spiess, H. W.: Supramolecular Assembly of Dendritic Polymers Elucidated by 1H and 13C Solid-State MAS NMR Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (43), S. 13284 - 13297 (2003)
Percec, V.; Glodde, M.; Bera, T. K.; Miura, Y.; Shiyanovskaya, I.; Singer, K. D.; Balagurusamy, V. S. K.; Heiney, P. A.; Schnell, I.; Rapp, A. et al.; Spiess, H. W.; Hudson, S. D.; Duan, H.: Self-organization of supramolecular helical dendrimers into complex electronic materials. Nature 419 (6905), S. 384 - 387 (2002)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Rapp, A.: Structure and Dynamics of Supramolecular Assemblies Studied by Advanced Solid-State NMR-Spectroscopy. Dissertation (2003)
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