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Kang, B.; Okwieka, P.; Schöttler, S.; Seifert, O.; Kontermann, R. E.; Pfizenmaier, K.; Musyanovych, A.; Meyer, R.; Diken, M.; Sahin, U. et al.; Mailänder, V.; Wurm, F. R.; Landfester, K.: Tailoring the stealth properties of biocompatible polysaccharide nanocontainers. Biomaterials 49, S. 125 - 134 (2015)
Kang, B.; Okwieka, P.; Schöttler, S.; Winzen, S.; Langhanki, J.; Mohr, K.; Opatz, T.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Wurm, F. R.: Carbohydrate-Based Nanocarriers Exhibiting Specific Cell Targeting with Minimum Influence from the Protein Corona. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 54 (25), S. 7436 - 7440 (2015)
Mohr, K.; Sommer, M.; Baier, G.; Schöttler, S.; Okwieka, P.; Tenzer, S.; Landfester, K.; Mailänder, V.; Schmidt, M.; Meyer, R. G.: Aggregation Behavior of Polystyrene-Nanoparticles in Human Blood Serum and its Impact on the in vivo Distribution in Mice. Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology 5 (2), 193 (2014)
Freichels, H.; Wagner, M.; Okwieka, P.; Meyer, R. G.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Musyanovych, A.: (Oligo)mannose functionalized hydroxyethyl starch nanocapsules: en route to drug delivery systems with targeting properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (34), S. 4338 - 4348 (2013)
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