Device Fabrication

Critical and environment sensitive steps of device fabrication take place in a cleanroom (class 1000, ISO 6) of 120 m2, which is divided in four major areas: in one part substrates for organic electronic devices are cleaned and prepared and subsequently inserted in a glovebox fabrication line via antechambers. Next to this is an area for thin film deposition and optical lithography. Here we have a mask aligner and a sputter tool equipped with DC (metal deposition) and AC (insulator deposition) sources. Furthermore, a wet chemical area is established for photoresist deposition, etching and stripping, together with a plasma etcher and a reactive ion etcherfor dry etching. Finally, there is an inspection line with microscope and surface profilometer. In addition to the high-vacuum evaporators for thin film deposition, there are various choices for solution processing of organic thin films, including blade-coatingspin-coating, and inkjet printing(Dimatix)

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