PhD Offer in the Biomolecular simulations group

Job Offer from March 24, 2022

The biomolecular simulation group within the theory group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research

in Mainz is looking for PhD students. We employ theory and simulation to model molecular behavior in biology.

We are looking for candidates interested in biophysics, with a background in physics, chemistry, biology or similar.

Experience in molecular dynamics is welcome. Most projects involve a certain amount of coding, and the applicant

should be comfortable with this. Current topics are:

  • Protein targeting through the lens of protein - membrane interactions
  • Interactions between lipids, their chemistries and curvature in complex, asymmetric membranes
  • Role of transition between disorder and α-helices in proteins, in solution and on membranes, in partnership with the IMB, Mainz
  • Organization of disordered proteins, with a focus on transcription factor fusions, in partnership with the IMB, Mainz

Interested applicants should send their applications (letter of motivation, CV, transcripts and names of two

references from former supervisors) to Dr. Martin Girard, at

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