Research | K. Amann-Winkel

We investigate water and soft matter systems under extreme conditions, such as very low temperatures, high pressure and confined geometries; aiming to understand the origin of water´s anomalies.

Dynamics in soft matter studied by X-rays

We utilise advanced X-ray scattering methods including X-ray free-electron lasers, in order to study the structural dynamics of water, aqueous solutions and other soft matter systems. Our research involves ambient conditions as well as development of new experimental approaches such as XPCS at high pressure.

Glass transition in water

Understanding crystallization of water as well as avoiding crystallization plays an important role in many areas of our life, ranging from cloud formation to cryo-preservation. If water is cooled very fast, a non-crystalline (amorphous) solid is formed. We apply ultrafast X-ray scattering in order to better understand this process.

Ice at high pressure

Applying high-pressure at low temperatures allows us to prepare more than 20 different forms of ice-polymorphs, including different amorphous structures. We aim to understand the phase transitions in ice, as well as the proposed liquid-liquid transition of water, in order to get a comprehensive picture of water´s phase diagram.



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