Johanna Quambusch

Johanna completed her Master's degree in Biochemistry at Ulm University in 2015. During her thesis on Developing Protein-DNA Hybrid Biocompatible Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications, she already worked with Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil in Ulm. In March 2016 she joined the group of Assoc. Prof. Rachel Ee Pui Lai at the National University of Singapore as a visiting scientist for a one-month research program. Since July 2016 Johanna is part of Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil's team at the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research. She manages the BIOCORE facilities and the EU-funded project Alzheimer's disease - gut connection.

Research interests

My research interest lies in bridging biomaterial designs and medical applications. Developing required biological tools to investigate cellular responses is a prerequisite to understand efficiency and biocompatibility of the materials we design. More specifically, we focus on encapsulation strategies for probiotics. In this way, we seek to address imbalanced microbiome compositions and related diseases by using dehydrated and hydrated formulations. For hydrated materials, we are currently looking into hydrogels that can provide a tunable encapsulation matrix. To tackle such multidisciplinary projects, we collaborate extensively with partners in Germany and within Europe.

Selected Publications

Gacanin, J.; Kovtun, A.; Fischer, S.; Schwager, V.; Quambusch, J.; Kuan, S. L.; Liu, W. N.; Boldt, F.; Li, C.; Yang, Z. Q. et al.; Liu, D. S.; Wu, Y.; Weil, T.; Barth, H.; Ignatius, A.: Spatiotemporally Controlled Release of Rho-Inhibiting C3 Toxin from a Protein-DNA Hybrid Hydrogel for Targeted Inhibition of Osteoclast Formation and Activity. Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (21), 1700392 (2017)
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