CRC1279: Exploring the Human Peptidome for Novel Antimicrobial and Anticancer Agents (2021-2025)

The CRC1279 “PepIni” is funded by the German Research Foundation. The overarching goal of CRC is to use the human peptidome to discover endogenous peptides that play significant roles in the control of human pathogens and cancers. Thereafter, state of the art technologies will be applied for optimization and subsequently, translated to in vivo applications.

This work is an extensive collaboration between partners from Ulm University, Ulm University Medical Center and MPI-P, combining their expertise in chemical science, materials science, biophysical science, physics and medical science.


Dr. Seah-Ling Kuan

Group Leader

Dr. Manfred Wagner

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil

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