Bioinspired Smart Polymeric Actuators

Polymeric actuators are stimuli-responsive polymer materials that can reversibly change their structures/shapes in response to external stimuli. Because of their tunable shape and properties, they have attracted significant interest for applications in artificial muscle, soft robotics, microfluidics, micro-electromechanics, etc. Amazing actuating examples that simultaneously change shapes and properties are widely found in nature.

This mobility program enables the scientific exchange between groups from China and Germany, who work on bioinspired actuators. In total 10 groups (5 each from China and Germany) from different backgrounds, including chemistry, material science, mechanical engineering, and biology will work together to create smart, bioinspired actuators. Specific aims include overcoming limitations of current polymeric actuators in regards to response time, fatigue and aging, directional motion, and response to multiple triggers.

Dr. Christopher Synatschke

Group Leader
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