Publikationen von Sanghamitra Neogi

Zeitschriftenartikel (4)

Mangold, C.; Neogi, S.; Donadio, D.: Optimal thickness of silicon membranes to achieve maximum thermoelectric efficiency: A first principles study. Applied Physics Letters 109 (5), 053902 (2016)
Volz, S.; Ordonez-Miranda, J.; Shchepetov, A.; Prunnila, M.; Ahopelto, J.; Pezeril, T.; Vaudel, G.; Gusev, V.; Ruello, P.; Weig, E. M. et al.; Schubert, M.; Hettich, M.; Grossman, M.; Dekorsy, T.; Alzina, F.; Graczykowski, B.; Chavez-Angel, E.; Reparaz, J. S.; Wagner, M. R.; Sotomayor-Torres, C. M.; Xiong, S.; Neogi, S.; Donadio, D.: Nanophononics: state of the art and perspectives. European Physical Journal B 89 (1), 15 (2016)
Neogi, S.; Donadio, D.: Thermal transport in free-standing silicon membranes: influence of dimensional reduction and surface nanostructures. European Physical Journal B 88, 73 (2015)
Neogi, S.; Reparaz, J. S.; Pereira, L. F. C.; Graczykowski, B.; Wagner, M. R.; Sledzinska, M.; Shchepetov, A.; Prunnila, M.; Ahopelto, J.; Sotomayor-Torres, C. M. et al.; Donadio, D.: Tuning Thermal Transport in Ultrathin Silicon Membranes by Surface Nanoscale Engineering. ACS Nano 9 (4), S. 3820 - 3828 (2015)
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