Publikationen von M. Casagrande

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Casagrande, M.; Heldmann, C.; Pawelzik, U.; Meier, G.; Stamm, M.: Influence of Composition on the Interdiffusion of Poly(vinyl acetate) Latex Particles. Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 115, S. 128 - 133 (2000)
Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Casagrande, M.; Gutmann, J. S.; Kuhlmann, T.; Stamm, M.; von Krosigk, G.; Lode, U.; Cunis, S.; Gehrke, R.: Determination of Micrometer Length Scales with an X-ray Reflection Ultra Small-Angle Scattering Set-Up. Europhysics Letters 42, S. 517 - 522 (1998)
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