Publikationen von U. Wiesner

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Mendes, E.; Wiesner, U.; Schädler, V.; Lindner, P.: Zwitterionic and Monofunctional Block Copolymers in a Selective Solvent: Model Macromolecular Surfactants. In: Trends in Colloid and Interface Science XII (Hg. Koper, G. J. M.; Bedeaux, D.; Cavaco, C.; Sager, W. F. C.). Springer (1998)
Pannier, M.; Hubrich, M.; Schädler, V.; Wiesner, U.; Jeschke, G.; Spiess, H. W.: Measurements of Interradical Distances in Ionic Clusters of Ionomers with the four Pulse Double Electron Electron Resonance Experiment. In: Magnetic resonance and related phenomena: extended abstracts of the joint 29th AMPERE-13th ISMAR International Conference, Berlin, S. 1154 (Hg. Zeissow, D.; Lubitz, W.; Lendzian, F.) (1998)
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