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Ma, S.; Fu, S.; Wang, Q.; Xu, L.; He, P.; Sun, C.; Duan, X.; Zhang, Z.; Jia, D.; Zhou, Y.: 3D Printing of Damage‐tolerant Martian Regolith Simulant‐based Geopolymer Composites. Additive Manufacturing 58, 103025 (2022)
Wang, J.; Fu, S.; Zhang, H.; Graf, R.; Halim, H.; Chen, S.; Zheng, W.; Bonn, M.; Landfester, K.; Riedinger, A. et al.; Wang, H. I.: Solution‐Processed Wafer‐Scale Ag2S Thin Films: Synthesis and Excellent Charge Transport Properties. Advanced Functional Materials 32 (28), 2113147 (2022)
Fu, S.; Jin, E.; Hanayama, H.; Zheng, W.; Zhang, H.; Di Virgilio, L.; Addicoat, M. A.; Mezger, M.; Narita, A.; Bonn, M. et al.; Müllen, K.; Wang, H. I.: Outstanding Charge Mobility by Band Transport in Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Covalent Organic Frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (16), S. 7489 - 7496 (2022)
Xing, G.; Zheng, W.; Gao, L.; Zhang, T.; Wu, X.; Fu, S.; Song, X.; Zhao, Z.; Osella, S.; Martínez-Abadía, M. et al.; Wang, H. I.; Cai, J.; Mateo-Alonso, A.; Chen, L.: Nonplanar Rhombus and Kagome 2D Covalent Organic Frameworks from Distorted Aromatics for Electrical Conduction. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (11), S. 5042 - 5050 (2022)
Zheng, W.; Sun, B.; Li, D.; Gali, S. M.; Zhang, H.; Fu, S.; Di Virgilio, L.; Li, Z.; Yang, S.; Zhou, S. et al.; Beljonne, D.; Yu, M.; Feng, X.; Wang, H. I.; Bonn, M.: Band transport by large Fröhlich polarons in MXenes. Nature Physics (2022)
Jin, E.; Geng, K.; Fu, S.; Addicoat, M. A.; Zheng, W.; Xie, S.; Hu, J.-S.; Hou, X.; Wu, X.; Jiang, Q. et al.; Xu, Q.-H.; Wang, H. I.; Jiang, D.: Module-Patterned Polymerization towards Crystalline 2D sp(2)-Carbon Covalent Organic Framework Semiconductors. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (9), e202115020 (2022)
Yu, X.; Fu, S.; Mandal, M.; Yao, X.; Liu, Z.; Zheng, W.; Samori, P.; Narita, A.; Müllen, K.; Andrienko, D. et al.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.: Tuning interfacial charge transfer in atomically precise nanographene-graphene heterostructures by engineering van der Waals interactions. The Journal of Chemical Physics 156 (7), 074702 (2022)
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Liu, Y.; Fu, S.; Pastoetter, D. L.; Khan, A. H.; Zhang, Y.; Dianat, A.; Xu, S.; Liao, Z.; Richter, M.; Yu, M. et al.; Položij, M.; Brunner, E.; Cuniberti, G.; Heine, T.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.; Feng, X.: Vinylene-Linked 2D Conjugated Covalent Organic Frameworks by Wittig Reactions. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202209762 (2022)
Ma, S.; Liu, X.; Fu, S.; Zhao, S.; He, P.; Duan, X.; Yang, Z.; Jia, D.; Colombo, P.; Zhou, Y.: Direct ink writing of porous SiC ceramics with geopolymer as binder. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 42 (15), S. 6815 - 6826 (2022)
Zhang, H.; Debroye, E.; Zheng, W.; Fu, S.; Di Virgilio, L.; Kumar, P.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.: Highly mobile hot holes in Cs2AgBiBr6 double perovskite. Science Advances 7 (52), eabj9066 (2021)
Shi, H.; Fu, S.; Liu, Y.; Neumann, C.; Wang, M.; Dong, H.; Kot, , P.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.; Turchanin, A. et al.; Schmidt, O. G.; Nia, A. S.; Yang, S.; Feng, X.: Molecularly Engineered Black Phosphorus Heterostructures with Improved Ambient Stability and Enhanced Charge Carrier Mobility. Advanced Materials 33 (48), 2105694 (2021)
Ma, S.; Fu, S.; Zhao, S.; He, P.; Ma, G.; Wang, M.; Jia, D.; Zhou, Y.: Direct ink writing of geopolymer with high spatial resolution and tunable mechanical properties. Additive Manufacturing 46, 102202 (2021)
Xie, H.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Z.; Pereyra, C.; Pols, M.; Galkowski, K.; Anaya, M.; Fu, S.; Jia, X.; Tang, P. et al.; Kubicki, D. J.; Agarwalla, A.; Kim, H.-S.; Prochowicz, D.; Borrise, X.; Bonn, M.; Bao, C.; Sun, X.; Zakeeruddin, S. M.; Emsley, L.; Arbiol, J.; Gao, F.; Fu, F.; Wang, H. I.; Tielrooij, K.-J.; Stranks, S. D.; Tao, S.; Gratzel, M.; Hagfeldt, A.; Lira-Cantu, M.: Decoupling the effects of defects on efficiency and stability through phosphonates in stable halide perovskite solar cells. Joule 5 (5), S. 1246 - 1266 (2021)
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Liu, Z.; Qiu, H.; Fu, S.; Wang, C.; Yao, X.; Dixon, A. G.; Campidelli, S.; Pavlica, E.; Bratina, G.; Zhao, S. et al.; Rondin, L.; Lauret, J.-S.; Narita, A.; Bonn, M.; Müllen, K.; Ciesielski, A.; Wang, H.; Samorì, P.: Solution-Processed Graphene–Nanographene van der Waals Heterostructures for Photodetectors with Efficient and Ultralong Charge Separation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (41), S. 17109 - 17116 (2021)
Zhao, S.; Fu, S.; He, P.; Cui, J.; Yu, X.; Liang, J.; Duan, X.; Chen, D.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I. et al.; Jia, D.; Yang, Z.; Zhou, Y.: Geopolymer-Encapsulated Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals for Potential Display Applications. ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (12), S. 11695 - 11700 (2020)

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Review Article
Liu, Z.; Fu, S.; Liu, X.; Narita, A.; Samori, P.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.: Small Size, Big Impact: Recent Progress in Bottom-Up Synthesized Nanographenes for Optoelectronic and Energy Applications. (2022)
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