Publications of Yuzhou Wu

Journal Article (43)

Journal Article
Wu, Y.; Eisele, K.; Doroshenko, M.; Algara-Siller, G.; Kaiser, U.; Koynov, K.; Weil, T.: A Quantum Dot Photoswitch for DNA Detection, Gene Transfection, and Live-Cell Imaging. Small 8 (22), pp. 3465 - 3475 (2012)
Journal Article
Wu, Y.; Pramanik, G.; Eisele, K.; Weil, T.: Convenient Approach to Polypeptide Copolymers Derived from Native Proteins. Biomacromolecules 13 (6), pp. 1890 - 1898 (2012)
Journal Article
Wu, Y.; Shih, E. K.; Ramanathan, A.; Vasudevan, S.; Weil, T.: Nano-Sized Albumin-Copolymer Micelles for Efficient Doxorubicin Delivery. Biointerphases 7 (1-4), 5 (2012)
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