Publications of E. Stöckelmann

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Journal Article
Qian, J. A.; Stöckelmann, E.; Hentschke, R.: Global potential energy minima of SPC/E water clusters without and with induced polarization using a genetic algorithm. Journal of Molecular Modeling 5 (12), pp. 281 - 286 (1999)
Journal Article
Stöckelmann, E.; Hentschke, R.: Adsorption Isotherms of Water Vapor on Calcite: a Molecular Dynamics-Monte Carlo Hybrid Simulation Using a Polarizable Water Model. Langmuir 15, pp. 5141 - 5149 (1999)
Journal Article
Stöckelmann, E.; Hentschke, R.: A Molecular-Dynamics Simulation Study of Water on NaCl(100) Using a Polarizable Water Model. Journal of Chemical Physics 110, pp. 12097 - 12107 (1999)
Journal Article
Du Chesne, A.; Bojkova, A.; Stöckelmann, E.; Krieger, S.; Heldmann, C.: Determining the Compacting of Latex Films upon Drying by Interference Measurements - an Approach for the Invesitgation of Film Formation. Acta Polymerica 49, pp. 346 - 355 (1998)
Journal Article
Marentette, J. M.; Norwig, J.; Stöckelmann, E.; Meyer, W. H.; Wegner, G.: Crystallization of CaCO3 in the presence of PEO-block-PMAA copolymers. Advanced Materials 9 (8), pp. 647 - 651 (1997)
Journal Article
Stöckelmann, E.; Aydt, E. M.; Hentschke, R.: Simulation of adsorption isotherms of water on ionic surfaces. Journal of Molecular Modeling 3 (8), pp. 347 - 354 (1997)
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