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Zardalidis, G.; Gatsouli, K.; Pispas, S.; Mezger, M.; Floudas, G.: Ionic Conductivity, Self-Assembly, and Viscoelasticity in Poly(styrene-b-ethylene oxide) Electrolytes Doped with LiTf. Macromolecules 48 (19), pp. 7164 - 7171 (2015)
Journal Article
Steinrück, H. G.; Schiener, A.; Schindler, T.; Will, J.; Magerl, A.; Konovalov, O.; Destri, G. L.; Seeck, O. H.; Mezger, M.; Haddad, J. et al.; Deutsch, M.; Checco, A.; Ocko, B. M.: Nanoscale Structure of Si/SiO2/Organics Interfaces. ACS Nano 8 (12), pp. 12676 - 12681 (2014)
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Mezger, M.; Ocko, B. M.; Reichert, H.; Deutsch, M.: Surface layering and melting in an ionic liquid studied by resonant soft X-ray reflectivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (10), pp. 3733 - 3737 (2013)
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Wang, D.; Pevzner, L.; Li, C.; Peneva, K.; Li, C. Y.; Chan, D. Y. C.; Müllen, K.; Mezger, M.; Koynov, K.; Butt, H.-J.: Layer with reduced viscosity at water-oil interfaces probed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Physical review E 87 (1), 012403 (2013)
Journal Article
Zheng, Y.; Zhou, H.; Liu, D.; Floudas, G.; Wagner, M.; Koynov, K.; Mezger, M.; Butt, H.-J.; Ikeda, T.: Supramolecular Thiophene Nanosheets. Angewandte Chemie International Edition: a journal of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker 52 (18), pp. 4845 - 4848 (2013)
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Cui, J. X.; Drotlef, D. M.; Larraza, I.; Fernandez-Blazquez, J. P.; Boesel, L. F.; Ohm, C.; Mezger, M.; Zentel, R.; del Campo, A.: Bioinspired Actuated Adhesive Patterns of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers. Advanced Materials 24 (34), pp. 4601 - 4604 (2012)
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Inci, B.; Lieberwirth, I.; Steffen, W.; Mezger, M.; Graf, R.; Landfester, K.; Wagener, K. B.: Decreasing the Alkyl Branch Frequency in Precision Polyethylene: Effect of Alkyl Branch Size on Nanoscale Morphology. Macromolecules 45 (8), pp. 3367 - 3376 (2012)
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Mezger, M.; Jerome, B.; Kortright, J. B.; Valvidares, M.; Gullikson, E. M.; Giglia, A.; Mahne, N.; Nannarone, S.: Molecular orientation in soft matter thin films studied by resonant soft x-ray reflectivity. Physical Review B 83 (15), 155406 (2011)
Journal Article
Mezger, M.; Reichert, H.; Ocko, B. M.; Daillant, J.; Dosch, H.: Comment on "How Water Meets a Very Hydrophobic Surface". Physical Review Letters 107 (24), 249801 (2011)

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Meeting Abstract
Mezger, M.: X-ray reflectivity studies on the hydrophobic water gap. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 247, 434-COLL. 247th National Spring Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS), Dallas, TX, March 16, 2014 - March 20, 2014. (2014)
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