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Xie, J.; Guo, J.; Wang, D.; Cang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhou, J.; Peng bo, B.; Li, Y.; Cui, J.; Chen, L. et al.; Fytas, G.; Deng, X.: Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles into Well-Ordered Centimeter-Long Rods via Crack Engineering. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2000222 (2020)
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Cang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Bishop, C.; Yu, L.; Ediger, M. D.; Fytas, G.: Extreme Elasticity Anisotropy in Molecular Glasses. Advanced Functional Materials, 2001481 (2020)
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Cang, Y.; Lee, J.; Wang, Z.; Yan, J.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Bockstaller, M. R.; Fytas, G.: Transparent Hybrid Opals with Unexpected Strong Resonance‐Enhanced Photothermal Energy Conversion. Advanced Materials xxxx (xxxx), 2004732 (2020)
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Singh, M. K.; Hu, M.; Cang, Y.; Hsu, H.-P.; Therien-Aubin, H.; Koynov, K.; Fytas, G.; Landfester, K.; Kremer, K.: Glass Transition of Disentangled and Entangled Polymer Melts: Single-Chain-Nanoparticles Approach. Macromolecules 53 (17), pp. 7312 - 7321 (2020)
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Wang, Z.; Cang, Y.; Kremer, F.; Thomas, E. L.; Fytas, G.: Determination of the Complete Elasticity of Nephila pilipes Spider Silk. Biomacromolecules 21 (3), pp. 1179 - 1185 (2020)
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Ryu, M.; Cang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Fytas, G.; Morikawa, J.: Temperature-Dependent Thermoelastic Anisotropy of the Phenyl Pyrimidine Liquid Crystal. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (28), pp. 17148 - 17154 (2019)
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Midya, J.; Cang, Y.; Egorov, S. A.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Bockstaller, M. R.; Nikoubashman, A.; Fytas, G.: Disentangling the Role of Chain Conformation on the Mechanics of Polymer Tethered Particle Materials. Nano Letters 19 (4), pp. 2715 - 2722 (2019)
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Cang, Y.; Reuss, A. N.; Lee, J.; Yan, J. J.; Zhang, J. N.; Alonso-Redondo, E.; Sainidou, R.; Rembert, P.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Bockstaller, M. R. et al.; Fytas, G.: Thermomechanical Properties and Glass Dynamics of Polymer-Tethered Colloidal Particles and Films. Macromolecules 50 (21), pp. 8658 - 8669 (2017)
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Schechtel, E.; Yan, Y. P.; Xu, X. F.; Cang, Y.; Tremel, W.; Wang, Z.; Li, B. W.; Fytas, G.: Elastic Modulus and Thermal Conductivity of Thiolene/TiO2 Nanocomposites. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (45), pp. 25568 - 25575 (2017)
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