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Liu, J.; Kappl, M.; Butt, H.-J.: Toward Passive Defrosting with Heterogeneous Coatings. Matter 3 (4), pp. 981 - 983 (2020)
Journal Article
Liu, J.; Ye, L.; Hu, M.; Chen, F.; Wegner, S. V.; Mailänder, V.; Steffen, W.; Kappl, M.; Butt, H. J.: Elastic Superhydrophobic and Photocatalytic Active Films Used as Blood Repellent Dressing. Advanced Materials, 1908008 (2020)
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Gao, A.; Liu, J.; Ye, L.; Schönecker, C.; Kappl, M.; Butt, H.-J.; Steffen, W.: Control of Droplet Evaporation on Oil-Coated Surfaces for the Synthesis of Asymmetric Supraparticles. Langmuir 35 (43), pp. 14042 - 14048 (2019)
Journal Article
Liu, J.; Ye, L.; Wooh, S.; Kappl, M.; Steffen, W.; Butt, H.-J.: Optimizing Hydrophobicity and Photocatalytic Activity of PDMS-Coated Titanium Dioxide. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11 (30), pp. 27422 - 27425 (2019)
Journal Article
Ye, L.; Chen, F.; Liu, J.; Gao, A.; Kircher, G.; Liu, W.; Kappl, M.; Wegner, S.; Butt, H.-J.; Steffen, W.: Responsive Ionogel Surface with Renewable Antibiofouling Properties. Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 1900395 (2019)
Journal Article
Jin, S. L.; Liu, J.; Lv, J. Y.; Wu, S. W.; Wang, J. J.: Interfacial Materials for Anti-Icing: Beyond Superhydrophobic Surfaces. Chemistry – An Asian Journal 13 (11), pp. 1406 - 1414 (2018)
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