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Abolhasani, M. M.; Naebe, M.; Hassanpour Amiri, M.; Shirvanimoghaddam, K.; Anwar, S.; Michels, J. J.; Asadi, K.: Hierarchically Structured Porous Piezoelectric Polymer Nanofibers for Energy Harvesting. Advanced Science, 2000517 (2020)
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Anwar, S.; Jeong, B.; Abolhasani, M. M.; Zajaczkowski, W.; Hassanpour Amiri, M.; Asadi, K.: Polymer field-effect transistor memory based on a ferroelectric nylon gate insulator. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (16), pp. 5535 - 5540 (2020)
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Ashjari, M.; Panahandeh, F.; Niazi, Z.; Abolhasani, M. M.: Synthesis of PLGA–mPEG star-like block copolymer to form micelle loaded magnetite as a nanocarrier for hydrophobic anticancer drug. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 56 (Part A), 101563 (2020)
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Abolhasani, M. M.; Naebe, M.; Shirvanimoghaddam, K.; Fashandi, H.; Khayyam, H.; Joordens, M. A.; Pipertzis, A.; Anwar, S.; Berger, R.; Floudas, G. et al.; Michels, J. J.; Asadi, K.: Thermodynamic approach to tailor porosity in piezoelectric polymer fibers for application in nanogenerators. Nano Energy 62, pp. 594 - 600 (2019)
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