Publications of Y. Karade

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Journal Article
Karade, Y.; Madani-Grasset, F.; Berger, R.; Csiba, V.; Rommel, M.; Dietzel, A.: Guided phase separation of polymer blend thin films on ion beam-induced pre-patterned substrates. Microelectronic Engineering 87 (5-8), pp. 1569 - 1574 (2010)
Journal Article
Karade, Y.; Pihan, S. A.; Brünger, W. H.; Dietzel, A.; Berger, R.; Graf, K.: Determination of Cross-Link Density in Ion-Irradiated Polystyrene Surfaces from Rippling. Langmuir 25 (5), pp. 3108 - 3114 (2009)
Journal Article
Karade, Y.; Graf, K.; Brünger, W. H.; Dietzel, A.; Berger, R.: Oriented nanometer surface morphologies by thermal relaxation of locally cross-linked and stretched polymer samples. Microelectronic Engineering 84 (5-8), pp. 797 - 801 (2007)
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