Publications of E. K. Sinner

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Knoll, W.; Park, H.; Sinner, E. K.; Yao, D. F.; Yu, F.: Supramolecular interfacial architectures for optical biosensing with surface plasmons. Surface Science 570 (1-2), pp. 30 - 42 (2004)
Journal Article
Sinner, E. K.; Reuning, U.; Kök, F. N.; Sacca, B.; Moroder, L.; Knoll, W.; Oesterhelt, D.: Incorporation of integrins into artificial planar lipid membranes: characterization by plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy. Analytical Biochemistry 333 (2), pp. 216 - 224 (2004)
Journal Article
Sinner, E. K.; Knoll, W.: Functional Tethered Membranes. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 5, pp. 705 - 711 (2001)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Yu, F.; Yao, D. F.; Christensen, D.; Neumann, T.; Sinner, E. K.; Knoll, W.: Supramolecular interfacial architectures for biosensing. In: Nanosensing: Materials and Devices, pp. 253 - 266 (Eds. Islam, M. S.; Dutta, A. K.). SPIE, Bellingham (2004)
Book Chapter
Sinner, E. K.; Kobayashi, K.; Lehmann, T.; Neumann, T.; Yu, F.; Knoll, W.; Prein, B.; Rühe, J.: Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopies for Protein Binding Studies at Functionalized Surfaces. In: Biopolymers at Interfaces, pp. 583 - 607 (Ed. Malmsten, M.). Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York [et al.] (2003)
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