Publications of L. Comez

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Journal Article
Comez, L.; Corezzi, S.; Fioretto, D.; Kriegs, H.; Best, A.; Steffen, W.: Slow dynamics of salol: A pressure- and temperature-dependent light scattering study. Physical Review E 70 (1), 011504 (2004)
Journal Article
Comez, L.; Fioretto, D.; Kriegs, H.; Steffen, W.: Temperature and pressure dependence of the alpha relaxation and configurational entropy of a prototype glass former. Physical Review E 66 (3), 032501 (2002)
Journal Article
Comez, L.; Fioretto, D.; Palmieri, L.; Verdini, L.; Rolla, P. A.; Gapinski, J.; Pakula, T.; Patkowski, A.; Steffen, W.; Fischer, E. W.: Light-scattering study of a supercooled epoxy resin. Physical Review E 60, pp. 3086 - 3096 (1999)
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