Publications of G. Duda

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Schmitt, F. J.; Yoshizawa, H.; Schmidt, A.; Duda, G.; Knoll, W.; Wegner, G.; Israelachvili, J.: ADHESION ENERGY HYSTERESIS AND FRICTION BETWEEN ULTRATHIN POLYGLUTAMATE FILMS MEASURED WITH THE SURFACE FORCES APPARATUS. Macromolecules 28 (9), pp. 3401 - 3410 (1995)
Journal Article
Lee, S.; Dutcher, J. R.; Stegeman, G. I.; Duda, G.; Wegner, G.; Knoll, W.: SUPERLATTICE MODEL FOR THE ELASTIC PROPERTIES OF POLYMERIC LANGMUIR-BLODGETT-FILMS. Physical Review Letters 70 (16), pp. 2427 - 2430 (1993)
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