Publications of Esther del Pino Rosendo

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Journal Article
del Pino Rosendo, E.; Yildiz, O.; Pisula, W.; Marszalek, T.; Blom, P. W. M.; Ramanan, C.: Symmetry-breaking charge transfer and intersystem crossing in copper phthalocyanine thin films. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (9), pp. 6847 - 6856 (2023)
Journal Article
Philipps, K.; Ie, Y.; van der Zee, B.; Png, R.-Q.; Ho, P. K. H.; Chua, L.-L.; del Pino Rosendo, E.; Ramanan, C.; Wetzelaer, G.-J. A. H.; Blom, P. W. M. et al.; Michels, J. J.: Role of Linker Functionality in Polymers Exhibiting Main-Chain Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence. Advanced Science, 2200056 (2022)
Journal Article
Rörich, I.; Niu, Q.; van der Zee, B.; del Pino Rosendo, E.; Cracium, N. I.; Ramanan, C.; Blom, P. W. M.: Exciton Quenching due to Hole Trap Formation in Aged Polymer Light‐Emitting Diodes. Advanced Electronic Materials, 1700643 (2020)
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