Publications of Sven Krasel

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Journal Article
Fu, S.; Jia, X.; Hassan, A. S.; Zhang, H.; Zheng, W.; Gao, L.; Di Virgilio, L.; Krasel, S.; Beljonne, D.; Tielrooij, K.-J. et al.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.: Reversible Electrical Control of Interfacial Charge Flow across van der Waals Interfaces. Nano Letters 23 (5), pp. 1850 - 1857 (2023)
Journal Article
Fu, S.; du Fosse, I.; Jia, X.; Xu, J.; Yu, X.; Zhang, H.; Zheng, W.; Krasel, S.; Chen, Z.; Wang, Z. M. et al.; Tielrooij, K.-J.; Bonn, M.; Houtepen, A. J.; Wang, H. I.: Long-lived charge separation following pump-wavelength-dependent ultrafast charge transfer in graphene/WS2 heterostructures. Science Advances 7 (9), eabd9061 (2021)
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