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Journal Article
Parisi, D.; Costanzo, S.; Jeong, Y.; Ahn, J.; Chang, T.; Vlassopoulos, D.; Halverson, J. D.; Kremer, K.; Ge, T.; Rubinstein, M. et al.; Grest, G. S.; Srinin, W.; Grosberg, A. Y.: Nonlinear Shear Rheology of Entangled Polymer Rings. Macromolecules 54 (6), pp. 2811 - 2827 (2021)
Journal Article
Costanzo, S.; Scherz, L.; Floudas, G.; Pasquino, R.; Kröger, M.; Schlüter, A. D.; Vlassopoulos, D.: Hybrid Dendronized Polymers as Molecular Objects: Viscoelastic Properties in the Melt. Macromolecules 52 (19), pp. 7331 - 7342 (2019)
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