Publications of Jintang Huang

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Huang, J.; Huang, Y.; Wu, S.: Laser ablation of block copolymers with hydrogen-bonded azobenzene derivatives. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 12 (3), pp. 450 - 456 (2018)
Journal Article
Wu, S.; Huang, J. T.: One-step fabrication of hierarchically ordered structures on photoresponsive azobenzene-containing polymers with phase masks. RSC Advances 2 (32), pp. 12084 - 12087 (2012)
Journal Article
Wu, S.; Huang, J. T.; Beckemper, S.; Gillner, A.; Wang, K. Y.; Bubeck, C.: Block copolymer supramolecular assemblies hierarchically structured by three-beam interference laser ablation. Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (11), pp. 4989 - 4995 (2012)
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