X-ray scattering

Figure 1: Sketch and photo of the SAXS instrument.

X-ray scattering techniques are used for the structural characterization of hard and soft materials. Structural dimensions range from a few angstroms over molecular length scales to about 100 nm for supramolecular structures. Materials investigated include amorphous and crystalline solids, liquids, suspensions, gels, supramolecular assemblies and liquid crystals. A powder diffractometer in Bragg-Brentano Geometry (Bruker D8), Guinier Camera (Huber), 2-circle diffractometer (Rigaku SmartLab), a home-build instrument for small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and a 6-circle diffractometer for experiments on surfaces and thin films are available for the measurements. Temperature dependent measurements allow to study phase transitions and relaxation processes into thermodynamic equilibrium.

Figure 2: SAXS pattern of an Ionic Liquid at 50°C (left) and 190°C (right)
Figure 3: Modular 6-circle diffractometer, optimized for soft matter surfaces, thin films, and textured samples. (left) Sketch in the configuration with image plate area detector (AD) on the detector tower with air pad bearing (DT). (right) Photo in the configuration with eulerian cradle (EC) on the sample tower (ST), linear detector (LD), collimation (CS) and slit system (MS, CS), and automatic filter changer (F).
Figure 4: (a) Sketch of an X-ray reflectivity experiment. (b) XRR model calculation of a single layer on top of a semi-infinite substrate.


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