Groups | Dept. Butt

We use different X-ray scattering methods to investigate the molecular structure and dynamics of water and ice under extreme conditions. [more]
We investigate forces associated with sliding drops and apply advanced scanning force microscopy methods. [more]
We are interested in the interplay of structure and dynamics in soft condensed matter. We apply scattering techniques and dielectric spectroscopy, respectively. Systems of interest include nanostructured polymers, biopolymers, liquid crystals and ionic systems in the bulk and under confinement. [more]
We employ spontaneous Brillouin Light Spectroscopy and develop a stimulated hypersound technique to study elastic wave propagation polymer-and colloid-based structures (phononics), direction dependent thermomechanical properties and photon-phonon interactions. [more]
Studying surface interactions and wetting properties at the nano- and microscale, we aim for novel applications such as the production of supraparticles on superamphiphobic surfaces or water desalination by membrane distillation. [more]
We develop fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and related methods to address research questions in the field of polymer, colloid and interface science. [more]
We develop and study adaptive surfaces and surfaces adapting to external trigger. Our aim is to find mechanical and chemical durable surface repelling fluids as water and blood, as well as to study these interfaces for their physical behavior. [more]
The goal of our research is to contribute to the solution of the climate crisis. This requires that we generate renewable energy as effectively as possible and consume less energy. [more]
We are an interdisciplinary group of scanning force microscopy (SFM) enthusiasts, constantly exploring the limits of this fascinating microscopy method. The goal is to understand the underlying physics of nanoscale systems. [more]
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