Projects | Dept. Butt

European and internationally funded projects

Dynamic charging at Moving contact lines [more]
Horizon 2022 EIC Transition Open SuperClean
Superhydrophobic membranes for clean water production [more]
Nanodimensional polymer therapeutics for tumor therapy [more]
Small- and nano-scale soft phononics [more]
Lubricant impregnated slippery surfaces [more]
HierARchical Multiscale NanoInterfaces for enhanced Condensation processes [more]

Nationally funded projects

From colloidal fluids to functional materials [more]
Nanodimensional polymer therapeutics for tumor therapy [more]
Interaction between Transport and Wetting Processes [more]
Dynamic Wetting of Flexible, Adaptive, and Switchable Substrates [more]
Perovskite semiconductors: From fundamental properties to devices [more]
Control of structure formation in soft matter at and through interfaces [more]
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