SPP 2171 - Dynamic Wetting of Flexible, Adaptive, and Switchable Substrates

The Priority Programme (Schwerpunktprogramm SPP) is a nationwide collaboration between its participating researchers. The focus of the SPP 2171 is the dynamic processes of liquids that wet or dewet various substrates. Prime examples in nature are plumages of birds that retain an insulating layer of air in wet conditions, or the superhydrophobicity of plant leaves. The mechanism by which carnivorous plants prey upon insects relies on an adaptation of their wettability to ambient conditions. In technology, all processes that involve lubrication, adhesives, or surface coatings, depend on the dynamics of wetting processes.

We are involved with two projects: In one project we aim to understand the charging phenomena of sliding drops. In the second project, we investigate the adapation behavior of polymer surfaces upon contact with liquids.

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