Horizon 2022 EIC Transition Open SuperClean
Superhydrophobic membranes for clean water production

Grant Duration: 3 years
Grant starting date: January 2023

Clean water production from contaminated industrial streams in steel, textile, food, and other industries is a pressing need for the green transformation of modern industry and for alleviation of the water shortage problem. Among the various separation techniques, membrane distillation (MD) is being explored as a promising technology for production of clean water from industrial waste. The lack of optimized membranes combining high vapour flux with superior wetting and fouling resistance currently hinders widespread application of membranes. We have recently demonstrated on lab scale, that superhydrophobic membranes can potentially overcome the limitation of existing MD membranes. Within the Horizon 2022 EIC Transition Open project SuperClean, we aim to explore upscaling pathways for our new superhydrophobic membranes to pave the way for their application on industrial scale.

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