Grant duration: 3 years
Grant starting date: October 2019

HierARchical Multiscale NanoInterfaces for enhanced Condensation processes

This proposal focuses on key challenges facing human society: continuously increasing global demands for electricity as well as potable drinking water. Our long term vision consists of developing solutions related to water utilization for significant enhancement in efficiency of thermal power generation and water harvesting to reduce the shortfall in global fresh water supply. The novel concepts of the proposal involve: 1) Precisely engineered, random yet hierarchical interface nanotextures, also with, controllable directionality, 2) Introducing a new norm of random biphilicity in the above interfaces at the submicron level, 3) Realization of novel superhydrophobic membranes through controlled coating of commercial hollow fiber membranes. 4) Novel methods of nanometrology to precisely and rationally describe the complex interfaces.

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