Prof. Klaus Müllen – the most cited German scientist in chemistry – is awarded a new honorary degree

July 07, 2015

Professor Klaus Müllen, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P), was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Science of the Ulm University.

Ulm/Mainz. On July 3, 2015, Klaus Müllen received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Science during a ceremony that took place in the University of Ulm.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Joachim Ankerhold, handed the honorary degree to Klaus Müllen, Director at the MPI-P, who is regarded as the most cited German scientist in chemistry (Web of ScienceTM, InCitesTM Essential Science IndicatorsSM, July 2015). In their laudation, Professor Tanja Weil (Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry III) and Professor Peter Bäuerle (Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry II) honored him as a scientist who continuously opened new fields of science, combining fundamental and application-driven research in an ideal way. In his numerous pioneering works, he, for instance, designed "ladder polymers" with significantly improved emission properties for OLEDs, focused on the synthesis and characterization of particularly photostable fluorescent dyes or on the production of dendrimers able to convey pharmaceutical substances into cells. Currently, he devotes himself to the production of graphene and the way this material can be applied for example to energy production and storage.

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