Dr. Xiaomin Liu

Xiaomin Liu studied electronic engineering at Zhejiang University in China. Then she joined the group of J. Lægsgaard and D. Turchinovich at the Technical University of Denmark for a PhD project in optical engineering and obtained her PhD degree at the end of 2011. Her PhD thesis focused on the development of optical femtosecond fiber laser. After the PhD, she continued to work in the same group as a PostDoc with a funded Danish FTP project. During this time, she built broadband wavelength tunable femtosecond fiber lasers. In 2015 she came to the MPI-P as a postdoc based on NIH funding and from 2017 she started independent research focused on optical super-resolution microscopy. Since 2021 she is a group leader in the department of Molecular Spectroscopy.

Research Interests

Super-resolution microscopy

The research in her group focuses mainly on the development of optical super-resolution microscopy/spectroscopy techniques and the imaging applications based on advanced laser systems and new types of fluorescence dyes. With the collaborators, her group discovered intrinsic fluorescent blinking properties of nanographenes, and unveiled its potential to improve optical super-resolution technologies. Grounded on this discovery and benefiting from the continuing research activities, currently her group is doing research in two correlated directions: A systematic investigation of the fluorescent blinking mechanism of nanomaterials, and optical super-resolution imaging applications.

Recent Publications

Ghanam, J.; Chetty, V. K.; Anchan, S.; Reetz, L.; Yang, Q.; Rideau, E.; Liu, X.; Lieberwirth, I.; Wrobeln, A.; Hoyer, P. et al.; Reinhardt, D.; Thakur, B. K.: Extracellular vesicles transfer chromatin-like structures that induce non-mutational dysfunction of p53 in bone marrow stem cells. Cell Discovery 9 (1), 12 (2023)
Ghanam, J.; Chetty, V. K.; Zhu, X.; Liu, X.; Gelléri, M.; Barthel, L.; Reinhardt, D.; Cremer, C.; Thakur, B. K.: Single Molecule Localization Microscopy for Studying Small Extracellular Vesicles. Small, 2205030 (2023)
Zhou, X.; Shi, F.; Lu, J.; Xu, M.; Hou, M.; Bonn, M.; Liu, X.; Zeng, X.: Generating Femtosecond Visible Doughnut Beams Based on Transverse-Mode Modulation. Journal of Lightwave Technology 40 (19), pp. 6493 - 6500 (2022)
Yang, A.; Zhu, J.; Liu, X.; Xu, M.; Shi, F.; Xu, J.; Pang, F.; Zeng, X.: Integrated all-fiber structures for generating doughnut beam arrays and hollow Bessel-like beams. Optics and Lasers in Engineering 153, 107006 (2022)
Jin, E.; Yang, Q.; Ju, C.-W.; Chen, Q.; Landfester, K.; Bonn, M.; Müllen, K.; Liu, X.; Narita, A.: A Highly Luminescent Nitrogen-Doped Nanographene as an Acid- and Metal-Sensitive Fluorophore for Optical Imaging. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (27), pp. 10403 - 10412 (2021)
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