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Ice-free in icy worlds

Special shell protects Antarctic scallop from ice build-up more

Scientists first to achieve Wannier-Stark localization in polycrystals 

Results published in Nature Communications  more

Molecules in an egg carton

How water surfaces can be used to produce functional materials more

<p>How to split water</p>

The generation of hydrogen or the conversion of energy from molecular hydrogen holds great potential for future energy conversion systems such as those already used in hydrogen-powered cars. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research have taken a close look at the conversion processes that occur at molecular length scales, and in so doing have gained an essential insight into chemical reactions at electrodes. more

Graphene: Everything under control

Research team demonstrates control mechanism for quantum material more

<p>Molecular Electronics: Trapped molecule in contact</p>

How molecules can help miniaturize electronics in the future more

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