Boehringer Ingelheim Plus 3: "Unraveling the redox behaviour of individual azurin metalloproteins with EC-TERS"

The prestigious “Plus 3” grant of 900,000 euros enables Dr. Domke to expand her spectra-electrochemical research toward complex biophysical processes of metalloproteins. With help of the novel nearfield Raman spectroscopy tool for solid/liquid interfaces, EC-TERS, recently developed in the Domke group, a detailed quasi-atomistic picture of the redox behaviour of individual azurin molecules under realistic reaction conditions will be developed. Such studies at the forefront of single-molecules biochemical research could aid in the discovery of key mechanisms that underlie physiological diseases related to, for example, co-factor mismatch or protein misfiling and facilitate targeted drug design.


Dr. Katrin F. Domke

Group Leader
@wire: katrinfdomke
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