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Simply blue

New material concept allows more cost-effective production of blue organic light-emitting diodes more

Molecular highway for electrons in organic light-emitting diodes

New material concept eliminates unwanted effects by impurities in organic light-emitting diodes

Are piezoelectrics good for generating electricity?

Perhaps, but we must decide how to evaluate them more

Speaking the same language

How Artificial Neurons Mimic Biological Neurons more

How organic neuromorphic electronics can think and act

A combination of organic materials and electronics could open up new possibilities for unconventional future computing systems

Perovskite: the material that allows a greener fabrication of transistor

Physicists have found a way to make transistors using materials that are highly rated for their performance in next-generation solar cells and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). more

A library of … organic molecules

How modern algorithms can be used to improve organic light-emitting diodes more

Swirl power: how gentle body movement will charge your mobile phone

Scientists have found a way to generate electricity from nylon, raising hopes that the clothes on our backs will become an important source of energy. more

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